Tea party birthday
Jessica, Founder
At her own Birthday Party

About Me

Hi, I’m Jessica. I started Plans for Parties mostly because I LOVE parties! This picture is of me on my last birthday at a tea party that I planned with a few close girlfriends. It was absolutely fabulous. Yes, I am still having tea parties in my 30s!

The point is, I love to celebrate and I love to plan the details of parties. Coming up with ideas for a new party then seeing it all come together at the end is so exciting and fulfilling. My hope and goal is to share the fun with others and show you that you can do it, too!

A little about me: I live in the Pacific NW and am a wife of one amazing man and a mom of 7. Yup, that’s seven kids’ birthday parties a year! Not to mention holidays and other celebrations… it’s a fun life! Aside from partying, we love the outdoors and escaping to the mountains any chance we get.

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About Plans for Parties

Plans for Parties is all about DIY party ideas that you can actually recreate yourself at home, or wherever your celebration is planned. We lay out the plans from start to finish for a themed party that you can host for your child’s birthday party or other celebration. Right now, we are new and have limited posts, but we plan to keep adding more each week.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed at the grand parties that you see online or in magazines and feel like you could never quite measure up to that picturesque standard. Here at Plans for Parties, we don’t believe in trying to create a “picture perfect” party. We believe in having fun and creating memories without stress and burnout, and we do our best to make that possible for you through our simple and easy to follow plans. Each of our party plans gives you step-by-step directions and ideas for every part of your party. Our themed plans start with invitations and prep work, then move on to decorations and food ideas. We give you several suggestions for games and activities to include in your party, then wrap it up with party favor ideas. We even include links to purchase many of the supplies you will need to create a successful party.

We strongly believe that you do NOT have to have everything “perfect” to have an amazing party! Don’t lose sleep comparing your decorations or table setup to what you saw on Instagram. Instead, focus on the things that will be meaningful to the person or people the party is for. Trust me, when the party is all over, the thing they will remember most is how they felt. We hope to help you make your special day memorable, but mostly, we hope the person or people you are celebrating feel special and loved.