gabbys dollhouse birthday party

Gabby's Dollhouse Birthday Party

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Party Plans

Gabby’s Dollhouse is very popular right now (especially in our household with my 4-year old daughter). It is a cute show full of imagination which makes it a great theme for a birthday party. Your birthday girl or boy will have fun dressing up and visiting all the Gabby Cat’s rooms for fun and surprises. From chemical reactions with MerCat and crafts with BabyBox, this party is so much fun for any Gabby’s Dollhouse fan. I will post links to clips from the show that go along with the different parts of the Gabby’s Dollhouse party.


Here is a cute pre-made template to print your own Gabby’s Dollhouse birthday invitations.

(click here for link to invitation)

For even more fun inviting friends to you party, make a Meow Meow Mailbox, put all your invitations inside and deliver them to your friends. They get to take their turn opening the mailbox and pulling out their personal invitation, just like Gabby.

Party Decorations

For this party, you want to set up areas of your home or party venue to look like the different rooms in Gabby’s dollhouse. The kids will go visit them for different parts of the party. You will need 4 areas: Baby Box’s craft room, MerCat’s Bathroom (doesn’t have to happen in an actual bathroom), DJ Catnip’s music room, Cakey’s Bakery (in the Kitchen), Kitty Fairy’s Fairy Tale Garden (probably outside if the weather is nice), and possibly Carlita’s playroom if you want another space where the kids can free play.

Make signs for each of the rooms with a picture of the matching character. Just look up pictures online of each character, print them out, and add a room label and you’re good to go!

For the rest of the party decorations, we love this affordable Gabby’s Dollhouse birthday party decoration set found on Amazon: It has balloons, banners, and more!

gabbys dollhouse party supplies

Birthday Party Games & Activities

The activities will be in the different rooms of Gabby’s dollhouse.
Craft Time:
Start out by bringing your guests to Baby Box’s craft room where everyone will make their own cat ears to wear during the party. You will need pipe cleaners, thick colored paper, glue, and scissors. Here is some great thick glitter paper to use for the ears.

(click here for the video, this tutorial is at the very end)

Music Time:
After crafts, it’s time to dance! Head to DJ Catnip’s music room for a dance party. Of course, you should start by playing the Birthday Boogie:

(click here for the video and song from Gabby’s Dollhouse)

After the birthday boogie you could play other age appropriate dance songs and let the kids get some energy out. Give each guest there own little maraca to shake while they dance.

Potion Class:
Time to visit Gabby’s friend MerCat to mix some color potions! Make 3 “potions” in fun bottles like these (or just use clear cups). One should be colored red, one blue, and one yellow. Add some glitter to make it look more magical! Give each guest a large coffee filter (maybe cut it in cat shape? Or just leave normal) and each guest should get a pipette.  Instruct them squirt each color onto the filter in rainbow order and they can watch them mix together to make new colors!

(click here for video)

Garden Magic:
This is an “extra” idea and may not be the best for every party, but for some gardening fun head to Fairy Kitty’s Fairy Tale garden! Give each guest their own magic planting pot. I bought these colorful pots on Amazon. For extra fun, tape a paper label around the pot with Fairy Kitty on it! Let them scoop in some dirt then plant their own seeds or flower. They can give it a little water and tell them to keep watering it and wait to see the magic as it grows!

(click here for magic of the garden clip from Gabby’s Dollhouse)

Party Food & Drink

When your guests are ready for snacks, head to Cakey’s bakery (the kitchen) to make your own treats. Guests will put together a snack smacker, made of rice cakes, peanut butter (we replace with Nutella since my daughter doesn’t like peanut butter and to avoid any allergy issues with guests), fruits, and pretzels. Have bowls set out with each topping ready for everyone to add. For younger kids, have the peanut butter already spread on the rice cake and they can just add the toppings.

(click here for link to video clip)

There is actually an episode of Gabby’s dollhouse where Cakey makes a 3-tiered cake. You could make one that looks like the cake from the show:

(here is a link to the video clip)

To make it more simple, use Gabby’s Dollhouse character cupcake toppers to decorate the different layers instead.

For drinks, get clear plastic cups and add a Gabby’s Dollhouse sticker to each cup. Now everyone can tell apart whose cup is whose. If you want, get a colored straw and lid for extra young kids that might spill, or just for fun.

Birthday Party Favors

We found these ADORABLE Gabby’s Dollhouse meow mailbox party favor boxes on Etsy. If you are crafty, you could also make your own pretty easily.

( Click here for Etsy link to purchase)

Now just fill each box with goodies and you’re ready for a great Gabby’s Dollhouse Birthday Celebration!

Have a MEOW MAZING Birthday party!

Party Supplies

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