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Mad Scientist Party

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Party Plans

This fun party plan was entirely my pre-teen’s ideas based around one thing: slime. She LOVES slime, especially making it herself, and she thought and thought until she could think of a party theme that would fit in with making slime. Enter, the Mad Scientist Party! This party theme is all about mixing weird things, playing with chemistry, and acting like a scientist.

Your young scientist may want to dress up. Here is a science lab coat for kids to wear to their special birthday party!

science lab coat for party

To invite your science colleagues to the party, make a formal looking letter from the head scientist. Here’s an example for the invitation letter:

Attention, Fellow Scientists and Innovators!

You are cordially invited to Dr. [Name]’s Mad Scientist Birthday Party, where chaos and creativity collide in an explosion of fun! Prepare your lab coats, goggles, and your most wickedly imaginative ideas for a thrilling evening of scientific shenanigans. This is no ordinary gathering; it’s a celebration that will ignite your curiosity and bring out the inner mad scientist in you!

List the date, time and place along with instructions to probably not wear clothes that you don’t want getting a little messy.

Party Decorations

Decorating for a mad scientist birthday party is going to look less like a birthday party and more like a fun science lab. Think bubbling potions and experiments and glowing things.

mad scientist bithday party

– First, cover some tables or benches with plain white table cloths that will hold your decorations in the party area to look like lab benches.
– Then, place on the tables a bunch of beakers , flasks, and test tubes filled with different color liquids. These are some of the containers we used.
– What mad scientist party is complete without dry ice? Definitely use some large containers to make bubbling potions by adding some dry ice mixed with water and food coloring.
– Scatter out scientific tools around these tables like magnifying glasses, safety goggles, gloves, and a microscope. You might want to have enough glasses and gloves for each kid to wear, though they won’t need them, just for fun.
– Look up some crazy scientific formulas or equations and copy them to posters for wall décor.
– Last, add bio hazard or caution tape around the party area!

Birthday Party Games & Activities

The main activity is going to be making slime. Trust me, you want to allow a decent amount of time for this. The kids will probably want to make more than one. If you have made slime with your kids before, feel free to use your own recipe, but I will provide the one we use with success. But first, here is how we set up for the big slime making fest:

– Cover the table you are going to use with a disposable tablecloth. It will likely get ruined and very messy, so being able to gather it all together and just toss it will be handy here!
– Set out enough disposable bowls and spoons for each person. It’s a good idea to have some extra on hand in case someone needs to start over.
– The ingredients to make slime and all the options for add ins should be set out on a table, each in a beaker, test tube, or flask with only the scientific label on it. The kids loved this! It was fun watching them try to read the labels and figure out what they actually were. The ingredients you will need are glue (Polyvinyl acetate), water (h2o), borax activator (sodium borate), food coloring (we kept this in original bottles and put them in a small container labeled ‘pigments’), confetti, glitter or any other small things for mixing in. Here is a fun assortment.
– You will also need containers to put the finished slime in to take home for each guest. If you allow them to make more than one, don’t forget to buy extra containers! These type work good for holding slime.

slime making party for kids

The recipe for slime is simple but it takes some trial and error to get it right. I highly suggest making a batch or two before the big day so that you will be a slime making expert when the time comes. It also comes in handy to have another adult or two available to help with a lot of kids going crazy mixing things at once. It’s easiest to not try to get exact measurements, but to just eyeball everything.

Tips: Elmers brand works best, but most any school glue will work. I chose to have an option of white glue and clear glue. Clear works the best for galaxy slime or if you want a transparent slime. White glue will result in a more pastel color of slime. Also, gel food coloring gives a stronger color than the liquid. Borax can typically be found in the laundry aisle of stores like WalMart.

Prepare the “activator” before the party by mixing at a ration of 1 cup of warm or hot water with 1 teaspoon of borax. Stir until the borax is completely dissolved. This will make enough for about 2 batches of slime, so you probably need to make a lot of this to have enough for all your party guests. You could set some aside in a jar to pull out if you run out.

Finally, the recipe:

1. Add about equal parts of glue and water to your bowl. Aim for somewhere around 1/2 cup each.
2. Add whatever colorings or mix-ins you would like in your slime and stir it all together.
3. Add about 1/2 cup activator to your bowl and mix it with your spoon until it starts to come together then start kneading with your hands, lifting it out of the bowl as it comes together. There will still be water in your bowl.
4. Keep kneading. It will stiffen more as you mix it. If needed, dip it back in the activator water until it gets to the right consistency.
5. If you want “fluffy slime” you can work in some shaving cream, a little at a time. Don’t add too much.
6. Feel free to play around with the amounts of everything to create the consistency of slime that you like!

Party Food & Drink

For the drinks, create a Potion Bar: Set up a potion bar where guests can mix their own concoctions. Provide different colored beverages, labeled as “potions,” along with various syringes, beakers, and mixing tools. Create labels with fun names like “Brain Juice,” “Invisibility Elixir,” or “Mystery Brew.” It would also be fun to have some popping boba to add an even more mysterious science feel to your drinks!

potion bar for science birthday party

Fizzing Cupcakes:
For the scientist’s birthday cake, use pop rock candy on top of brightly colored cupcakes for some explosive birthday fun! Here is the recipe from Betty Crocker.

pop rocks cupcakes for scientist party

Birthday Party Favors

Personalized Potion Bottles:

potion bottles for scientist birthday party

My kids LOVE making potions. It was so fun for them to get to make these with their friends and funny to hear the “magic” that their potions could do!

Prepare small, empty potion bottles and provide labels for guests to customize with their names or potion ingredients. They can take them home and use them as decoration or for imaginative play. Add flowers, glitter, or other items in for extra “power”. Encourage them to make up something that the potion does.

You could do this one either for a party favor or as part of the party if you have extra time. We gave them to our guests at the end and those who stayed longer made the magic potions at the party.

Party Supplies

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