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Party Plans

I LOVE tea parties! My kids have also come to love tea parties, so we end up having them quite often over here. So, it was no surprise when my 6-year-old daughter asked to have a tea party birthday party. Of course, I was happy to oblige. The excitement of getting everything ready and planning the fun was probably my favorite part of this little girl birthday party.

This is another party that you may consider keeping the guests to a minimum. Tea parties are easier to manage when your guests can at least easily fit around your table. I think we went with about 6 girl friends (plus the few siblings who are automatic guests).

I made a Tea Party Birthday Invitation template that you can easily customize by just switching out your correct info and download for FREE! The link will take you to Canva to edit and you will need to sign in before editing, but it’s free and simple! Then, just make your wording changes and push “share” to download. Easy Peasy.

Tea Party Birthday Invitation
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Party Decorations

Decorating for a little girl’s tea party is like living a princess fairy tale dream! Seriously, my daughter and I had such a fun time doing everything together and picking out supplies for the tea party. Of course, everyone expects a tea party to be fancy, so don’t be afraid to go all out here! But honestly, 90% of the decorating should be the table area and the place settings, so bear with me. I’m going to get into detail on how to decorate for a tea party birthday to make any little girl feel like royalty.

tea set for birthday party

Tea Party Supplies:

  • Fancy Cups and saucers
  • Tea Pot
  • Possibly sugar / cream bowl
  • platters, serving plates, tiered serving tray
  • tablecloth/covering
  • vase/other decorations

If tea parties are not a common occurrence at your household like they are at mine, you might need to do a little shopping. But don’t worry, I’m going to help you keep spending to a minimum with a little secret: Thrift stores are the BEST and most inexpensive place to buy tea party supplies! Items that old grandmas are finally getting rid of are exactly what we’re looking for. Look in the kitchen section and you will find all kinds of platter, serving ware, and likely everything else on the list. I have also gotten my “fancy” tablecloths and napkins for just a few dollars at a thrift store, or here is a pretty lace tablecloth similar to the one I use. We used cloth napkins, but if you prefer, here are some super cute and cheap floral disposable napkins. You might even know someone who could lend you some of these things. A lot of our tea party things are hand-me-downs from either a grandmother or neighbor.

fancy tea cup for tea party birthday

We decided that we wanted each party guest to have their very own REAL tea cup and saucer that they could use during the party but also take home as the party favor. My girl wanted each cup to be different and special, and chosen specifically for that certain guest. So, like mentioned above, we went to the thrift store and she picked out a special cup and saucer for all of her friends. The best part is that each was only a dollar or two. Please don’t go spend full price buying new porcelain tea cups! Every thrift store I’ve ever been too has a pretty good selection of beautiful tea cups and saucers.

tea party place setting

Another tip for making a tea party seem fancier than it really is — use pretty little accents everywhere. These lace doilies are so inexpensive, you can put them under every place setting and even some of the serving items like the tea pot and cream. Put at least one vase on the table with some fresh flowers (even if you just pick them from your yard). Add some pink tulle underneath your centerpiece or down the middle of the table.

And don’t forget, even though this is a tea party, it is also a birthday party. So add some birthday touches around the room as well. Hang pink and white balloons and a birthday banner behind the table area. We had our birthday girl sit at the head of the table and decorated her chair to feel like a princess seat. This can be as simple as wrapping in in tulle and tying a big bow around the back.

I also recommend creating place cards for each place setting at the table. This way, each guest knows where they are supposed to sit, which cup is theirs, and there will be no fighting on who sits where. I made a simple template to create these name cards that you are welcome to use:

Tea Party Place Card
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Birthday Party Games & Activities

With a tea party, really most of the activity is sitting down to tea. But when you are dealing with young girls, they can only sit for so long! We had a few DIY “stations” that the girls could go through to get ready for the tea party!

Dress Up Station:

We did tell the guests that if they wanted, they could come to the party wearing a fancy dress. But not all of them had something to wear. Luckily, my girl had a whole box full of dress up dresses, shoes and more (another thrift store plug here: after halloween sale is the BEST time to get dress up clothes!). If you don’t already have them, maybe a good birthday present would be some fun princess dress up dresses!

princess dress up for tea party

If you want to keep it simple, the dress up station could be mostly accessories. Lay out a table full of fun dress up jewelry, boas, accessories, shoes, and whatever else you might have. Don’t forget the mirrors so each girl can see how lovely they look! You can even find a lot of things that would be good for this at the dollar store. I like this play jewelry set from Amazon. My birthday girl’s definitely geared this toward a princess tea party and she absolutely had to have a tiara and thought each guest should as well. So this set of bulk tiaras was one addition to our dress up station. As for her, we picked out a beautiful tiara and surprised her the morning of her birthday. She wore it for months straight until it got stepped on one sad day.

Give them plenty of time to do this, some birthday guests might take a while to feel like they are just perfect.

Salon Station:

This station can be more difficult, and if it won’t work for your party, feel free to just skip it! I had a few Moms volunteer to head the salon station where the girls can get their hair done or get their nails painted. It works best to do a quick nail paint then have them sit still to let it dry while they get their hair done. Instead of everyone going through this station at the same time, we would choose one or two at a time as soon as they were done dressing up.

Tip: make sure you use quick drying paint and only let the girls choose one color. Instead of attempting actual hair-dos, just have an assortment of pretty clips and hair accessories that you can add to their hair. This is usually plenty to make a little girl feel beautiful and ready for the tea party!

girls hair salon dress up for tea party

Photograph Station:

Once everyone is all prettied up, it’s time for pictures! Make a backdrop with tulle or cloth and have matching balloons around it. You really don’t want the backdrop to be too busy, because it’s the girls who are the star of the picture. Let each birthday guest go through and get an individual photo, then they can take pictures together. Bonus: you can send these photos in the thank you card later!

Party Food & Drink

It’s a tea party so there probably ought to be tea! Let’s be honest though, many young girls don’t like the taste of tea. Instead, we opted for different flavors of juices, lemonade, or punch. I made one main punch that was in the tea pot and had a few backup options of juice in the fridge in case someone didn’t like it. This is the tactic I use for all of the food: have lots of options and always have a backup.

tea pot for tea party

I have been to a “high tea” myself and I liked how there were courses brought out one at a time with plenty of time to chat and eat between the next course. So I am going to break the tea party food ideas down into courses. We had our tea party at lunch time so it included a fair amount of food and sandwiches. I recommend having about 3 different options for each course. I have a three tiered serving tray that I love, but it you don’t have one it is fine to just use platters or whatever you do have. Before you begin the first course, serve everyone their first cup of “tea”, allowing them to add a sugar cube if they would like. (My daughter was amazed at the “sugar squares”.) Also, it’s good to have a few finger candies or snacks placed along the table for while they are waiting.

You can get pretty creating with the food and make everything yourself, but I am going to choose a little more simplified version. A lot of young kids are fairly picky, so I kept the food kid friendly. I also wanted to keep it easy enough to make this DIY tea party doable and not too overwhelming.

tea party food for little girls

Appetizer Ideas:

  • Fruit like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, grapes, apple slices, or melon. Make it more fancy by cutting the fruit into fun shapes.
  • Different kinds of crackers or pretzels
  • cheese cut into little cubes
  • vegetables like carrot slices, cucumbers, mini tomatoes and peppers. You could serve this is mini cups with ranch at the bottom.
  • quick breads like banana, lemon, zucchini, etc.


Whatever you choose for sandwiches, make sure you cut them in at least fourths for serving. To make it look extra fun and fancy, add a decorative cocktail pick. Also, my daughter says triangle sandwiches taste better. :)

  • lunch meat and cheese
  • veggie cream cheese with cucumbers
  • mini bagel sandwiches with cream cheese and ham
  • chicken salad sandwiches on a crescent roll
  • Nutella with sliced strawberries
  • butter and jelly (I recommend avoiding nuts unless you are sure no guests are allergic)

tea party sandwich ideas


Now is the time to get to the birthday cake celebration. You could either bring out the birthday cake here, or continue with another round of desserts. Either way, you want to keep these portions VERY small, just because of the amount of food we are trying to stuff into this tea party for a young child!

  • mini cupcakes, add candles on the birthday girl’s portion.
  • mini cookies: sugar with frosting, chocolate dipped, thumbprint cookies with jam, etc
  • mini brownies with powdered sugar
  • fruit tart, mini pastries, etc
  • chocolate dipped pretzels
  • a favorite candy

tea party cake birthday dessert


Birthday Party Favors

The party favors may be the simplest thing of this party. Each girl went home with a special tea cup and saucer, a tiara, and some play dress up jewelry. You could give each guest a bag to put these things in to make it easier to bring home. Just make sure they are careful with the tea cup!

Follow these tips and create an amazing DIY tea party experience for your birthday girl that you can easily do by yourself at home. I hope you enjoy your tea party birthday celebration!

Party Supplies

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