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Party Plans

From the perspective of a little girl, what’s not to love about unicorns? They are magical, beautiful, and they can fly! This DIY unicorn themed birthday party is sure to please you special birthday girl. The best part is that this party is easy to put together, comes with all the plans and ideas you will need, and can be done by yourself, in your own home.

The unicorn birthday invitations set the tone for the party, so make sure they feel magical! Get out some gold glitter to add around the unicorn horn, or some unicorn confetti to add inside the envelope! Feel free to use this unicorn party graphic below that I made for part of your invitation. It includes a magical little poem:

In a realm of wonder and delight,
Where unicorns dance under moonlight,
Join us in a magical affair,
A unicorn birthday party beyond compare!

unicorn birthday party invitation

Party Decorations

When we’re talking unicorn party decorations, think gold, glitter, pastels, and rainbows! Hang these rainbow colored streamers, fairy lights, and pastel colored balloons throughout the party area. I really like the arch balloon look for little girls birthday parties, and Amazon has this inexpensive kit to put together your own super cute unicorn balloon display.

unicorn birthday party decoration balloon display

For the table area of the party, create a magical ambiance with iridescent tablecloths, sequins and glittery confetti. If you got the unicorn confetti for the invitations, use more of that here!

Birthday Party Games & Activities

When the guests arrive, consider letting them create their own unicorn craft. The craft that you should choose will depend on the age and abilities of your birthday guests. I really love these toilet paper roll unicorns! Aren’t they adorable? I would recommend painting the toilet paper rolls before the party and having all the supplies laid out in the sizes and proportions they will need to make it super easy to pull off this diy craft with little kids.

toilet paper roll unicorn craft for party
Here is a link to the DIY video with instructions

An obvious activity for this unicorn party is “Pin the Tail on the Unicorn”. Blindfolded participants try to place the tail in the correct spot on a unicorn poster. You could easily make this yourself, but here is a really cute version on Amazon that at the time of writing this is only $5!  It comes with the tails and even a blindfold mask.

pin the tail on the unicorn game

Some other fun unicorn activities for your party:

  • Unicorn Relay Race: Divide the kids into teams and have them race while balancing a plastic unicorn horn on their heads.
  • Rainbow Treasure Hunt: Hide colorful plastic eggs filled with treats around the party area for the children to find.
  • Other Unicorn Crafts: Set up a craft station where kids can decorate their own unicorn masks, headbands, or magical wands.

Party Food & Drink

The unicorn birthday cake is the show stopper here. And you would be surprise how easy it is to make at home! Start by mixing up cake batter with sprinkles to create a rainbow confetti look on the inside. Then after baking, frost with plain white buttercream frosting and pipe on some cascading flowers and the eyes. Last, make your own unicorn horn and ears to add to the top of the cake. This video shows step by step directions if you want to do the whole unicorn cake yourself!

unicorn birthday cake diy

If you like this a little simpler, you could use a confetti cake mix, ice the cake, then just add a unicorn cake topper! I love this unicorn party pack from Amazon that comes with a cake topper plus all the unicorn plates, cups, and a cute unicorn headband for the birthday girl!

Unicorn birthday party supplies

Need food other than the cake?

  • Prepare unicorn popcorn by tossing plain popcorn with melted white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles.
  • Provide a colorful assortment of unicorn-themed candies, such as unicorn lollipops or rainbow candy belts.
  • Serve rainbow fruit skewers with colorful fruits like strawberries, grapes, pineapple, and blueberries. Or, prepare the rainbow of fruit on a platter and let the guests make their own kabobs with the fruit that they like!rainbow fruit

Birthday Party Favors

Now that all your guests have had a fun, magical party, it’s time to send them home with a little gift to say thanks! Here are some ideas for unicorn party favors:

  • Mini unicorn plush toys or keychains.
  • Unicorn-themed coloring books or activity sets.
  • Personalized unicorn-themed water bottles or cups.
  • Rainbow-colored friendship bracelets or hair accessories.
  • Individual bags of unicorn-shaped cookies or rainbow-colored candies.

Want to get more creative? Do you believe in Magic Unicorn Dust? Before the party (or you could even do this as part of the craft time!) let your little girl create these adorable Magic Unicorn Dust potion bottles. All you need is some small “potion” bottles and an assortment of colorful glitters or confetti. Then fill each bottle and add a tag that says “Unicorn Magic”. Just make sure that whatever confetti you use will fit through the small opening of the bottle.

unicorn party favor glitter

Remember to adapt the activities and favors to the age group of the children attending the party. Have a magical unicorn birthday celebration!

Party Supplies

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