Submit a party

Have you thrown an awesome themed party and want to share? We are looking for creative DIY parties complete with plans so others can follow along and throw a similar party. Here is what we need:

Descriptions and at least one clear photo for each of the following areas.

  1. Overview of the theme and possibly invitations (this would be the main photo for the party)
  2. Decorations
  3. Food and Drink, including the birthday cake
  4. Activities or games
  5. Party favors

Please send an email to with the above information. If you have a website where the party was posted, please include a link and we will credit your website. Otherwise, please let us know who we can give credit to!
If your party is approved to be featured, we will respond with an email giving you the date that it will post along with a link that you can share.

Photos should be shared through a link to a cloud folder that is accessible to avoid problems with sending large files.

By sending photos, you are agreeing that you have full usage rights to them and you are giving us rights to use them within our website and social media. You also agree that whoever is in the photos gives us permission to display their image.