Dinosaur birthday party for girl or boy

Dinosaur Birthday Party

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Party Plans

Dinosaurs are a popular party theme for little boys, but some girls love dinosaurs too! This theme could be adapted for either.

For the invitations, if you want more hands on you could create a DIY invitation by using dinosaur stamps or stickers. Or for an easy printable, here is a cute dinosaur birthday invitation you can customize and print.

(Click here to customize)

For more fun, get a package of small dinosaur figurines and attach one to each invitation.

Party Decorations

Go wild when decorating for this dinosaur birthday party!

  • Hang green and brown streamers around the party area to create a jungle-like atmosphere. Hang them in doorways to be like vines.
  • Use inflatable dinosaur decorations, such as T-Rex or Triceratops
  • Place dinosaur figurines all over the party area
  • To make it simple, you could get an all-in-one dinosaur birthday party supplies kit.

dinosaur figurines for party decorations

Birthday Party Games & Activities

  • Have a dinosaur egg hunt, (kind of like an easter egg hunt, but with these eggs) where kids search for hidden dinosaur eggs filled with small toys or candy
  • Definitely must do a fossil dig! If you have a sand box, set up a dig station with dinosaur fossil toys and sand toys for them to dig and find the fossils! You can also do this on a small scale in a plastic tub inside. Another option is to get fossil dig toys for each guest. Plan on putting down a table covering since this gets pretty messy.

  • Set up a dinosaur-themed craft station where kids can make dinosaurs out of clay. You might have some examples done for them beforehand to give some ideas. For younger

Party Food & Drink

At the food table, set up a snack area with labels that say”Herbivores” (fruits and veggies), “Omnivores” (a mix), “Carnivores” (meat, like the dino shaped chicken nuggets or jerky sticks). You can get pretty creative here in these different food groups so there is something for everyone! For easy grabbing, put the snacks in little cups or bowls.

The cake itself is pretty simple but looks amazing with the help of some dinosaur figure toys and a toy volcano on top. Just make whatever flavor of cake your child likes and frost (or use fondant) the layers and decorate with some dinosaurs.

Birthday Party Favors

If you didn’t do one during the party, each guest could get their own take mini dinosaur excavation kit which includes small tools for kids to excavate their own mini dinosaur skeletons. Kids love these, but beware they can be messy.

Other ideas to include in the party favor bag:

  • Small toy dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur stickers or temporary tattoos
  • Dinosaur-themed candy, such as gummy dinosaurs or dinosaur-shaped lollipops

Party Supplies

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