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Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory Birthday Party

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Party Plans

My daughter had just finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (and watching both movies) when it was time to plan her 8th birthday party, so of course she wanted to have a Willy Wonka party! What kid doesn’t want a birthday party filled with chocolate and candies and… Oompa Loompas? Yes, there were Oompa Loompas that sang and danced throughout the party. She got to dress up as Willy Wonka (costume) and she became the host for the party, showing the guests her chocolate factory.


Every Willy Wonka birthday party MUST start with Wonka Bar invitations with a special golden ticket inside for each invited kid. For this party, I bought a full sized chocolate Hersheys bar for each child. I then made a customized golden ticket with my daughers name and party details using this template. To put it together, use some gold foil to wrap the chocolate bar (I recommend keeping the original wrapper underneath) then wrap the bar with your Wonka Bar label. You can buy the template here or I just found an image of a wonka bar wrapper online and made my own.

Party Decorations

This was the sign on our front door that guests saw when they first came. I hand painted a purple poster to look like the font used in the movie title for Willy Wonka & the Chocolate factory.

As guests came down the hall they were introduced to the Lickable Wallpaper, which are just candy buttons. I had a really hard time finding these in store so I made my own which was a bit of a pain, but you can find them online here.  We had one for each kid with their name on it so there was no sharing of germs.

Throughout the party area, and especially the present area, we had colorful balloon arrangements using these balloon stands. I tried to choose balloons that looked bright like candy. I scored with these ones at our local dollar tree.

Birthday Party Games & Activities

There are so many fun things you can do for a Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory party! The funnest part was the Oompa Loompas. I had my friend and her husband dress up as Oompa Loompas using these costumes. After a little orange face paint, they looked amazing! We made up some short little songs using the familiar song from the movie “oompa, loompa, doopity do”, but customizing the words for our party. The guests were so surprised when the music started playing and two Oompa Loompas came in dancing and singing! They continued to show up throughout the party to serve the guests, sing another song, bring in the cake, etc.


Other activities:

Invention Room– Our dining room became the “Invention Room”. We picked out the most obscure candies we could find at the store and served a sample to each kid, telling them it was the latest inventions we are working on, and had them rate each one. We took score and found the winning invention.

Bag egg/good egg – For this game, we bought every flavor jelly beans and pretended they were “eggs”. Guests took turns picking one at random and declaring if it was a “bad egg” or a “good egg”. Of course, you don’t know if you are going to get a good flavor or not until you taste it, so the reactions were pretty funny. Tip: have a garbage nearby.

Chocolate making room– We moved back to the dining room where the kids got to make their own chocolates. I melted a few bowls of different chocolates (milk, white, and dark) and split the guests into teams and gave each a candy mold. They got to fill the mold with a layer of chocolate, add whatever filling they wanted (options: marshmallow fluff, caramel, chocolate chips, candy bits, etc) then top it with more chocolate then add sprinkles if they wanted, I immediately put these in the freezer to start hardening while we finished the party.

Party Food & Drink

For the birthday cake, my daughter decided she wanted the chocolate river, surrounded by the edible world. We started with a chocolate cake of course and covered it in green frosting. We melted some chocolate and added a little milk to make the chocolate river and spread that down the middle of the cake. We used this frosting tip to pipe green grass on both sides of the cake. Then I let her go crazy putting candy decorations all over the cake. She might have gotten a little too crazy…

To go along with our cake, we had Fizzy Lifting Drinks, which was just soda. You could use any kind of pop.

Birthday Party Favors

For Favors, the kids got to bring home the chocolates they made. I used these little plastic bags to put them in.

AND remember the movie, each kid gets to bring home one everlasting gobstopper? We put one gobstopper into one of those same bags with a message to not show ANYONE and that it was TOP SECRET. So each guest took home a gobstopper as well.

Party Supplies

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